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    Complete Addiction Treatment
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The Foundry provides an opportunity for lasting recovery through an integrative body, mind and spirit treatment program. Comfortably located in the majestic Rocky Mountains, The Foundry provides a safe and natural setting that encourages instinctive growth for the individual as they forge a new life in their own vision.

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"Our philosophy is simple - we do things different, we do things better" - Scott Borden, CEO

To combat addiction, The Foundry Treatment Center takes a holistic approach to recovery; we call it Complete Addiction Treatment. We have found that without addressing the mind, body, and spirit, needs are often left unaddressed.

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Our Values

These core values are the foundation of our program.

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Complete Addiction Treatment is designed to treat the whole person


Who We Are

The Foundry Treatment Center is a 30-bed program comprised of a medically assisted detox, residential treatment center, men's transitional program, women's transitional program, and a state of the art outpatient clinic.

Our approach to complete addiction treatment has 4 pillars - medical, clinical, wellness, and family. Our curriculum takes principles of the 12-steps and incorporates many evidence based and best practice modalities such as DBT, CBT, EMDR, Biosound Technology, Alpha-Stim, Biomat, yoga, physical fitness, equine, horticulture, family, and outdoor experiential therapy - all intended to address physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

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Meet the Team

The Foundry brings together a team of professionals dedicated to helping each individual begin their journey towards recovery.



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