Medical Program

The fundamental tragedy of addiction occurs as it shatters every important aspect of an individual's life: family, home, employment, relationships and often most importantly: essential elements of health itself; in fact altering the very bio-chemical manner in which our bodies function.

Successful addiction treatment must address each of these pieces to reconstruct the whole life. In fact, perhaps none is more important than the recovery from the physical and mental health issues that have been ravaged by addictions.

The Foundry has assembled a committed and talented specialty staff to promote this necessary whole life recovery. We have placed a unique and effective emphasis on the medical team with Physician and Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner leadership as well as nursing staff to evaluate and help correct the medical components of Addiction Injury. This may include micronutrient testing, genetic testing as well as utilizing state-of-the-art naturopathic, vitamins, hormonal, acupuncture, BioMat, Alpha Stim and appropriate scientifically validated pharmaceutical assistances to ensure a long-lasting recovery.

On admission, every client has a thorough physical examination by a MD physician as well as a mental health evaluation by a psychiatric nurse practitioner. Baseline laboratories including liver and kidney function testing as well as electrolyte and other metabolic aspects are performed. Based in part on these evaluations, a client specific treatment program is implemented. Additionally, during the course of the residential stay, the clients will have daily access to nursing staff and additional access as necessary to the nurse practitioner. We strongly believe that without your health and mental wellness, successful and long-lasting recovery from addiction is a much more fragmented and difficult process.