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Medical Program

Medical Treatment

Compassionate, individualized medical care forms the first steps of recovery. As the disease of addiction takes root, the suffering individual sacrifices their own health and access to care at the expense of their addiction. Foundry aims to stop the cycle of self-abandonment by providing comprehensive medical services that includes preventative care, medical testing, and nutritional assessments.

Whether it be medical care for damaged livers, high blood pressure, birth control or IV drug associated infections, our dedicated full-time Internal Medicine physician provides a wide array of services and can coordinate care upon discharge with your primary care physician. Too often individuals suffering from addiction have attempted to treat their underlying depression or anxiety with whatever substances were accessible. Our Foundry physician will work with you to explore traditional pharmacotherapy options in addition to alternative modalities such a nutritional supplements, acudetox, and biofeedback. If needed a genetic test called Millennium Analysis of Patient Phenotype (MAPP) can help elucidate which pharmacotherapies may work most effectively based on your specific gene markers. Foundry also offers relapse prevention treatments such as monthly Vivitrol injections or daily naltrexone and acamprosate medications.

Foundry’s physician and nurse follow each participant through the continuum of care up to 9 months. This continuity of care sets Foundry apart from traditional models and allows the participant to develop rapport and trust in their medical team. While at the ranch, each participant meets with the physician weekly and each participant collaborates to create a specific treatment plan with the physician. This unique emphasis on cohesive, long-term medical care provides the framework needed for lasting, whole mind-body-spirit connection and healing.