The Foundry | FAQs


Frequently asked questions

If there are any questions that we have not addressed here, please contact us and we will do our best to give you and answer!

What is the average length of stay at The Foundry?

We are a 90 day residential treatment program.


Do you offer detox and will I need it?

The Foundry offers a social detox program that is overseen by nursing staff and our medical director. It will be determined prior to admission or upon admission if detox is necessary.


Is aftercare at The Foundry possible?

The Foundry offers a 12 week Intensive outpatient program as well as a step-down Out patient program. you and your therapist will determine the best “next-steps” after completion of our residential program.


Do you accept insurance?

The Foundry will work with all major insurance companies on an out-of-network basis.


Are there financial aid possibilities?

If you feel that you are in need of financial assistance, please let our team know during the admission process. We can assist you with finding the right program to meet your financial needs.


Is smoking and tobacco use permitted?

In accordance with our philosophy of recovery through whole-body wellness, The Foundry is a tobacco free facility. Outcome studies have shown a significantly greater likelihood for long-term abstinence when Nicotine consumption is stopped at the same time as other substances. We offer a variety of smoking cessation products to aid with your titration off of Nicotine.


Can I bring my laptop/cell phone?

It is best to leave cell phones, laptops and all other electronic devices at home. While there will be some personal time, there will not be time for use of electronics during the residential phase of our program.


How big is the facility?

The Foundry is a 12 bed treatment center located on a 48 acre ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


What happens after I have completed 90 days?

Upon completion of the residential program you and your counselor will work to determine the best “next steps” for you. We will assist you with all preparations for your future recovery!


How will my family be involved?

Family is asked to be involved in our Family Program. Please see our Family Program information.


How strenuous is the physical activity in the program?

Our health and wellness program is individually designed to meet each person’s needs. You will not be asked to participate in activities that are out of your scope of wellness. You will be assessed by both medical and wellness staff and cleared for a certain level of activity.

There will be opportunities to shop, so do not feel you need to bring enough to cover the entire 90 day stay.

You are only permitted to bring 2 bags of belongings.