About The Foundry:

The Foundry is a substance abuse treatment center focused on providing complete addiction treatment to help participants regain a happy and productive life. Guided by a team of professionals, The Foundry aims to provide lasting recovery through an integrative body, mind and spirit treatment program.

Through an unparalleled wellness program and nearly double the therapy time of a standard inpatient treatment program, The Foundry helps participants see a life beyond addiction, encouraging long-term behavioral changes.

Treatment Programs:

Inpatient Treatment: Recommended as the first step in addiction recovery, The Foundry’s residential treatment program treats the whole person through three distinct approaches - clinical, wellness and family.

• Clinical Program: The 90-day residential inpatient treatment program follows a 12-step philosophy. Principles are introduced weekly together with individualized treatment programs that can include trauma-informed care, motivational interviewing, dialectical behavior therapy and cognitive behavior therapy.

• Wellness Program: A multi-faceted wellness program aims to increase self-esteem and personal discovery through daily empowering activities. Wellness programs include nutrition education, fitness activities, service work and career planning.

• Family Program: The Family Program invites families and the family member in treatment to engage in collaborative care by receiving professional guidance, education and assistance.

Outpatient Treatment: Outpatient treatment and aftercare following inpatient rehab is vital for success, and can significantly decrease the risk of relapse. An outpatient program is determined based on a participant’s specific needs and situation.

• Intensive Outpatient Treatment: IOP is a 12-week program that offers a mixture of group and individual counseling sessions, small-group peer support and 12-step principles. Participants attend IOP evening meetings four times per week for a total of 12 hours per week.

• Outpatient Treatment: Step-down outpatient treatment helps to utilize the recovery skills learned during inpatient treatment. Participants undergo monitored sobriety and meet weekly with an addiction counselor for one hour.

• Open Group: Weekly meetings led by a clinical therapist are designed to engage the community and are open to everyone at no cost.


The Foundry is led by a team of 22 professionals supporting a 12-bed inpatient and comprehensive outpatient treatment center in Steamboat Springs.

  • Scott Borden, Owner and Founder (link to bios)
  • Austin Eubanks, Program Director
  • David Wilkinson, MD, Medical Director
  • Jasmine Aranda, Clinical Director
  • Sarah Coleman, Wellness Director
  • Jen Murphy, Family Director
  • Shelly Gainsley, Administrative Director

Insurance Accepted: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, UnitedHealth Group, Cigna


  • Inpatient Program
  • 30785 Highway 131
  • Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

  • Outpatient Program
  • 1915 Alpine Plaza, C4
  • Steamboat Springs, CO 80487

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