personal connection

What Happened to Personal Connection?

You may have heard it said: “What you resist, persists.” For example, I have a supervisor who keeps insisting, rather, persisting, that I write a blog! My internal resistance to that request goes something like this:

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defining and understanding compassion

Nurturing Recovery Through Gardening

My parents introduced me to many amazing things in my childhood. They would take my siblings and I to spiritual meetings every week, and we enjoyed gardening together as a family.

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top 7 signs of addiction

Top 7 Signs of Addiction

Although every drug addiction is different, there are a number of classic signs and symptoms you are likely to see when someone is facing substance abuse or dependency issues.

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recovery month events

Recovery Month Events

In honor of September’s National Recovery Month, The Foundry Treatment Center is involved in or attending recovery events in Colorado Springs and Steamboat Springs during the second weekend of September.

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