The Foundry | Detox


Getting ready for recovery begins
by clearing out the chemicals.

Most people don’t know that toxins left over not only from substance abuse, but also poor nutrition, can stall recovery and create continued suffering. We work to solve this by creating an individualized, compassionate care plan for each patient that includes a micronutrient assessment and carefully selected supplements. In this case, initial detox can act as a catalyst for recovery and jumpstart a journey to healed neurobiology.


Detox-Phase One

Upon admission to our specialized detox facility, each participant receives a thorough assessment by our medical team. We assess for withdrawal symptoms and develop an individualized care plan to aggressively manage symptoms and relieve the anxiety that accompanies withdrawal. This joint decision making between patient and doctor is key to the success of our detox program. By co-creating the treatment plan rather than one-sided traditional treatment models, we create a buy-in by the participant and empower them to take ownership of their treatment.

Detox-Phase Two

The second phase of the detox process includes a comprehensive micronutrient blood test. Unlike traditional “spot-check” vitamin blood levels, SpectraCell’s lymphocyte assay uniquely measures the person’s nutritional status over the past 4-6 months and determines the status of 35 key health components including vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and amino acids.

In addition to this every participant is offered the following medical assessments:

    • Thyroid function
    • Blood counts
    • Electrolyte levels
    • Kidney function
    • Liver function
    • HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C
    • Sexually transmitted diseases
    • Pregnancy
    • Screen for diabetes
    • Cholesterol levels

Using these results, we formulate a specific supplement regimen and rule out acute medical issues that can complicate early recovery.