Foundry Treatment Center

Must be able to make responsible decisions, navigate crisis, communicate appropriately and respectfully with all residents and staff. Communicate with counselors and supervisor for accountability of participant care. Candidate will provide outstanding client service and care with compassion and discretion. Must perform well under pressure and have excellent written and verbal communication skills.  Must have vast treatment knowledge and experience.


  • Ability to listen actively and effectively communicate thoughts to others
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities and knowledge of transitional living care and safety
  • Strong interpersonal, conflict resolution and decision-making skills
  • Impeccable ethics and integrity
  • Ability to maintain strict client confidentiality
  • Excellent time management skills
  • Basic knowledge of the 12-Step Program
  • Establish trust and rapport with participants
  • Anticipate potential issues, present options to help mitigate such issues
  • CPR and QMAP
  • Valid Colorado Driver’s License


  • Be present with participants in their housing environment and ensure a safe and protected space
  • Help participants set and maintain their trajectory towards sustainable recovery
  • Work with participants to establish a balanced routine
  • Supervise participants’ conduct; firmly and fairly enforce house rules and guidelines
  • Goal setting, provide support and accountability to achievement
  • Assist participants in finding gainful employment, including resume building, practicing interviews, filling out job applications
  • Assist participants to secure resources to learn the day-to-day skills necessary to live successfully in recovery; budgeting, healthy meal preparation, grocery shopping, time management and other life skills
  • Assist participants in finding a sponsor
  • Documentation and case notes to represent the participant situation, provide record, support action to improve case management
  • Intake and orientation
  • Resident discharge and preparing for new residents
  • Administer monitored urine drug screens and/or breath analysis as required
  • Supervise participants in maintaining a clean and neat living space
  • Report maintenance needs or any damages to director
  • Facilitate weekly house meetings, assignment of chores, accountability for required recovery meeting attendance
  • Report any behavioral issues or concerns
  • Conduct property inspections as needed
  • Assist with approved family visits
  • Monitor security cameras and alarm system; report any violations to director
  • Correspond with director on a regular basis to report issues
  • Model positive and responsible behaviors in a recovery environment
  • Transport participants to 12-step meetings, wellness activities

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