Foundry Treatment Center


Candidate must have a current nursing license in the State of Colorado and behavioral health experience. A psychiatric or substance abuse background is preferred. Candidates will oversee the social detoxification unit and facilitate medical services in the residential program.

  • Current Nursing license in Colorado
  • Psychiatric and/or substance abuse experience preferred
  • The ability to be compassionate to those needing and receiving services
  • Clinical charting and documentation according to JCACHO and OBH standards
  • Ability to maintain strict confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Impeccable ethics, integrity, and customer relations skills
  • Outstanding interpersonal and communications skills
  • Sound medical judgement and decision making skills
  • Supervisory skills
  • On-Call availability



  • Provide direct care to those in services, including addressing medical concerns, monitoring vitals and overseeing withdrawal symptoms.
  • Oversee the detoxification process according to a physician’s orders which includes:  providing the addiction technicians with supervision, direction and support regarding a person’s withdrawal process.
  • Supervise the Monitoring of Medications: obtain orders from the physician, place all orders in the Kipu system, verify all medications brought in, confirm medication counts weekly, order medications as needed, including PRN Medications, and approve PRN medications with the parameters the Medical Director has set.
  • Implement physician orders
  • Obtain urine and blood samples
  • Administer IV therapy
  • Assist with admissions:  complete medical screening, aid with search of belongings, and schedule physician to see the person
  • Observe and assess physical and health changes
  • Provide medical support to the clinical team
  • Consult with the Medical Director and medical team on a regular basis about present individuals in service and those being admitted.
  • Keep medical team updated about any medical issues the individuals in servicing is experiencing.
  • Assist with and keep accurate records according to state regulations and JACHO
  • Update service plan with medical and psychiatric areas being addressed
  • Orient person in services regarding any medical orders obtained, including how to use BioSound, BioMat, and Alpha Stem, as well as how Vivitrol can be helpful
  • Act as the communication relay for the medical team, wellness team and culinary team.
  • Set up discharge medications and medical treatment
  • Order nursing supplies
  • Dispose of bio-hazard waste and medications as required by OSHA
  • Oversee infectious disease protocol
  • Appointed as the company IC Coordinator to manage infection prevention. The IC Coordinator is responsible for developing policies and procedures in relation to infection prevention, implementation of these policies and conducting annual reviews.

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