Foundry Treatment Center


  • Professional appearance, aptitude, and attitude
  • Provide outstanding client service and care with compassion and discretion
  • Impeccable ethics and integrity
  • Be accountable and professional at all times
  • Valid Drivers License
  • CPR Certification within first 30 days
  • Excellent teamwork, interpersonal and communications skills
  • Cultural sensitivity
  • Computer literacy and knowledge of EHR and CRM
  • Competent written and verbal communication
  • Outstanding customer service skills and abilities
  • Ability to take direction, use best judgment, make decisions and improvise when needed
  • Work in high stress environments
  • Ability to maintain appropriate professional boundaries at all time


  • Provide support to those in treatment, detox and residential, whether physical or emotional
  • Always be aware what is happening at the facility and be able to answer an array of participant questions based on your observations and insights by the clinical staff
  • Act as the liaison between the maintenance crew, medical staff and administration staff for all needs of the facility and participants
  • Create and maintain a safe, comfortable, and person-focused treatment environment by using therapeutic skills to motivate each participant to change for the better. Be prepared to be present and supportive when participants become uncomfortable
  • Assist clinical and admissions staff as needed
  • Maintain strict confidentiality and HIPAA compliance
  • Supervision and management of the therapeutic milieu
  • Attend all required meetings (Admin, Clinical and Tech Supervision)
  • Provide activity and appointment transportation for those in services
  • Ensure those in services attend all scheduled sessions and activities
  • Know the whereabouts of all those in services at all times
  • Practices OSHA safety standards
  • Ensure satisfaction of those receiving services
  • Complete all duties assigned to the shift
  • Adherence to facility policy and procedures, State & Federal law, and TJC regulations and standards
  • Coordination of and assistance with activities including the ability to participate in all health and wellness activities (hiking, biking, skiing etc.). While on activities, protect the participants, be an ear for them and make sure any information while on activities are passed along to the appropriate staff
  • Write concise notes in EMR software and communication systems within times determined by company policies.
  • Participate in shift exchange, discussing any pertinent changes in the status of a participant (clinical, medical, behavioral, etc.) Check communication systems to be aware of any of these changes.
  • Carry Out CIWA, COWS and Vitals
  • Monitor Medications, answer questions regarding medications and use discretion with PRN requests
  • Administer Urinalysis (UA) or Breath Alcohol (BA) tests as needed and documents appropriately.
  • Identifies emergency signals and situations and reacts appropriately
  • Disposes of biohazard waste according to OSHA standards.
  • Launder linens
  • Cook breakfast and prep food


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