The Foundry | Why People in Addiction Recovery are Committing to CrossFit

Why People in Addiction Recovery are Committing to CrossFit

Why People in Addiction Recovery are Committing to CrossFit

Through our work in addiction recovery, we see a lot of tools and techniques that are known to help people live healthy, productive, sober lives. One tool in particular seems to be growing in popularity, and by the amount of articles, studies, and personal accounts we see in our daily news feeds, it appears that CrossFit is just getting warmed up.

Curious to learn more about why people in addiction recovery are turning to CrossFit? Here are six recent articles that share the personal stories and science behind the healthy high.

8 Reasons CrossFit is Great for Addiction Recovery

Sneak peek: “Crossfit journals and recovery communities share stories of people who claim that Crossfit and recovery are the same thing. But why do the two go together so well?” Read >

Strength Training Reduces Heroin use by Altering Key Neurological System, Study Finds

Sneak peek: “A new study published in Psychopharmacology has found evidence that resistance exercise reduces the reinforcing effects of heroin in a rat model of addiction.” Read >

Building Community Behind Bars

Sneak peek: “A group of convicted felons had duplicated the camaraderie found at every CrossFit affiliate the world over with virtually no Internet access.” Read >

CrossFit and Recovery: Tim Mustion’s Story

“Regionals was always something that I had my eye on and within one year of training and working for it, competing with my CrossFit Hype team in Atlanta was actually happening.“ Read >

Addict Turned Athlete

Sneak peek: “Though he’d already done the hard work of getting clean before starting CrossFit, Siela said CrossFit has been instrumental in his continued sobriety.” Read >

Ex-Addict Uses CrossFit to Help People in Recovery

Sneak peek: “Hamilton is a certified CrossFit instructor and every week he volunteers and teaches a class to men also facing hardship at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.” Read >

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