The Foundry | Meet Bruce Alston, Yoga Instructor

Meet Bruce Alston, Yoga Instructor

Meet Bruce Alston, Yoga Instructor

How does yoga aid in someone’s addiction recovery journey?

The journey to recovery is not necessarily an easy one. It’s easier for some than others. Yoga helps one be present and be open. Open to change and explore. Yoga teaches you to breathe, let go of the past, not worry about the future, and be present. Let go.

What do you enjoy most about working with Foundry participants?

Wow. Instead of enjoyment, it really is a sense of pride and honor to be around a bunch of guys who are “doing the work.” I always say that life is about two things – 50% is showing up and the other half is doing the work. They are doing both.

What advice do you have for someone curious about trying yoga?

Well, first of all, yoga is not the cover of Yoga Journal. It is not the lululemon outfit. It is about exploring, staying curious, open to change and possibility. Yoga is about changing habits: how we breathe, how we move, how we think. My definition of yoga is: Loving, compassionate, nonjudgmental focus on your breathing, your movement, and your presence.

What are you most proud of about your work?

Well, yes, I am a yoga teacher. But I’m also a psychologist and a hypnotherapist. The biggest thing is to see people change, grow, and evolve. That includes myself. I strive to keep learning what works and what doesn’t.

Meditation and yoga are interrelated. Describe a daily meditation ritual that can help in addiction recovery.

We are what we think about. Where our focus goes, our energy flows. Sit quietly for 3-5 minutes in the morning to set your intent for the day. Who do you want to be today? More courageous, more loving, or more compassionate? More forgiving? Do you want to find balance? We are more successful when we set an intention!

Last book you couldn’t put down?

I like both fiction and non-fiction. The last book I couldn’t put down was about espionage by Daniel Silva. I also like works by the authors Dan Brown, Neil Gaiman, and Louise Penny.

What brings you peace or joy?

The process. Being in those moments. It could be meditating, yoga, riding my bike, or gardening. Lovemaking is never a bad option either. Preferably with someone you love.

Describe your dream day in Steamboat.

I prefer spring, summer, or fall. I like longer days. The sun is out. I’m up early. I take Charlie, my dog, up Spring Creek or Emerald. The sky is blue. The day flows. I sit on the deck and read. I’m not worried. Somewhere during the day I am on my road bike or mountain bike. Dinner is good. I play my guitar. I read. I’m in bed around 10 o’clock.

Favorite spot on the ranch?

It isn’t a spot but rather a moment. It’s when I first turn right at the trees. Stress leaves – peace enters.

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