The Foundry | What Happened to Personal Connection? by Bruce Alston

What Happened to Personal Connection? by Bruce Alston

What Happened to Personal Connection? by Bruce Alston

You may have heard it said: “What you resist, persists.” For example, I have a supervisor who keeps insisting, rather, persisting, that I write a blog! My internal resistance to that request goes something like this:

For one, I spend a good deal of my time trying to convince people to get off their computers, tablets, and smart phones. Their phone will not enlighten them. There is no lasting connection with a computer. Chances are that you are on one of these devises right now – reading a blog that, quite honestly, will not solve your problems – it is just another distraction.

Everyone is a pundit. Everyone has something to say.  But, it is way more effective if you say it personally – face to face. Maybe even holding hands. Or, if it is a mate or lover, maybe say it in bed!  Everyone needs someone that just “gets” him or her, but we do that best through personal, one-on- one connections.

I have nothing against Google but it does not, and cannot, replace honest and sincere touch. (As an aside, Google cannot replace just “knowing things.” That is why we should continue to be life long learners and doers.) All the information in the world will not replace living NOW – this moment – in the present. Life happens NOW. Eat slower. Breathe deeper. See clearer.

Forgive more sincerely. We spend time reliving and regretting the past.  Some stay angry with others.  Some regret things they did or didn’t do. Focusing on the past locks us into permanent victimhood and unhappiness. Empower yourself.  Forgive wholly and realize the past is past.

People spend too much time dreaming of the future.  When we are not wasting time looking backward in anger, we’re sapping our energies by looking forward in hope.  By spending our lives planning and hoping and dreaming, and I dare say, worrying, we lose sight of our life today.  We give up an opportunity for happiness today by focusing on tomorrow. You miss what is right in front of you.

– Bruce Alston has lived and worked in Steamboat Springs since 1976. He is a therapeutic yoga instructor for The Foundry Treatment Center and also operates a private practice. He holds a masters degree in both Psychology and Education from the University of Washington and Regis University, respectively. In addition, he has extensive training in hypnosis and is certified as a hypnotherapist and hypnosis instructor. His areas of expertise include yoga, PTSD, fear and abandonment issues, and sports performance.

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