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Top 7 Signs of Addiction

Top 7 Signs of Addiction

Although every drug addiction is different, there are a number of classic signs and symptoms you are likely to see when someone is facing substance abuse or dependency issues. In observance of September’s National Recovery Month, The Foundry Treatment Center is offering the following seven signs of addiction for people concerned about a family member, friend or even themselves.

1. Shifts in Behavior: Have you noticed any sudden mood swings or outbursts of anger? Does he or she seem agitated on a consistent basis?

2. Neglecting Responsibilities: Have school, work, or home responsibilities been neglected? Is calling in sick to work the new norm? Are grades or school work suffering?

3. Change in Appearance: Are the individual’s eyes frequently bloodshot? Has he or she gained or lost a lot of weight? Do you see brittle hair or skin

sores? What about issues with speech? 4. Problems with Relationships and Isolation: Has the individual withdrawn from important relationships? Is he or she not showing up for family functions or consistently breaking promises to friends or family?

5. Abandoning Activities: Are favorite activities abandoned and possibly replaced by drugs or alcohol? Is the individual no longer participating in social events?

6. Increased Risk Taking: Has the person starting lying, engaging in risky sexual behaviors or spending exorbitant amounts of money while under the influence? Has the risk taking resulted in arrests for driving under the influence or have they been caught stealing to support the habit?

7. Increased Usage: Has the individual’s usage increased over time? Has a weekend-only habit become daily? Does the person need more of the substance to achieve the effect they are looking for?

If you have noticed these troublesome shifts in someone you care about, don’t let the signs go unnoticed. Connect with them, tell them you care, and explain your causes for concern. Let them know that you are there to support them, and willing to help them find the help of an addiction professional or resource.

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