September: National Recovery Month

September: National Recovery Month

In an effort to raise awareness around the drug addiction problem in Colorado, The Foundry Treatment Center is commemorating National Recovery Month throughout September. Colorado ranks among the top of the list of states with the highest level of drug overdose deaths in what the Centers for Disease Control calls “one of the four most serious epidemics facing the nation.”

While addiction comes in many forms — from alcohol to cocaine and methamphetamines — prescription drugs have proven most deadly in recent years and have fueled an increase in heroin abuse. Recovery from addiction starts with a single step, but a community of help is required to provide hope, support, and accountability. Estimates show that over half of those with addiction relapse, and multiple recovery attempts are typically required before achieving success. For those that stay the path, reported information states that over 23.5 million Americans have overcome their drug addiction.

The focus of National Recovery Month, which is an initiative sponsored by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, is that prevention works, treatment is effective and people recover. One dollar spent on addiction treatment yields a 12-dollar savings by the healthcare system. Recognizing the extent of the problem in Colorado and across the country is an important step in helping individuals and families get the treatment they need.

“At The Foundry, almost 75 percent of our admissions are for heroin addiction that grew out of an addiction to opioids. In Colorado, two thirds of overdose deaths involve opioids with the remaining one third from heroin,” said Austin Eubanks, Program Director of The Foundry. “As a recovering opioid addict, I know how easy prescription drugs are to obtain and become addicted to, but I also know that you can recover and lead a healthy and happy life. That is why The Foundry is committed to raising awareness of this important month.”

The Foundry is sharing materials to educate and assist with recovery efforts on this blog, in our newsletter and on social media. For more information on National Recovery Month, visit

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